My love... I'll always love you

Will i ever be able to forget you?


Please! Get out of my head!


Don't you dare, hurting me! Dont' you dare, playing with my heart! I don't think it'll heal this time!


I can't think of any other thing, than you!


You will always be my first love!


How could i ever be sure, that you won't hurt me again?



once - you broke my heart

It took a long time - but in the end - it healed!

I was able to look at other men.

I was able to think about other men.


And then - you came back!

Came back to me.

You looked at me.

You talked to me.

You laughed with me.


And you took my heart.

You took my scarred heart.

and you took all of me with it.


Now all I can think about is you.

But - where are you now?

Left me - again!


Alone in the darkness

- and hopeless

Am I standing here.

Waiting for you to give me a sign.


to fall completely in love with you - again!




Meine Beine.

Meine Hände.


Mein Herz.

schlägt - so - schnell!


Ich liebe dich.




I       WILL        NOT       FALL        FOR     YOU      -        AGAIN!!


Manchmal würde ich dich einfach gerne verlassen.

Nur um zu sehen, ob du mir hinterherlaufen würdest.


Aber was, wenn nicht?


Was, wenn ich dann allein bin?


Ohne dich?


Ich würde das nicht nocheinmal überleben.


Lieber bin ich bei dir, mit dir, lieber kann ich dich ansehen, dich küssen, dich berühren. Lieber halte ich deine Hand ganz fest.


Lieber sehe ich dir in die Augen und weiß nicht genau:


Ist es das letzte Mal?


Wann wirst du genug von mir haben?

Mich verlassen?

Mir sagen, dass du einen Neue hast und ich dir nie etwas bedeutet habe?


Das ist der Grund warum ich dir nie etwas von mir erzähle, warum ich nicht möchte, dass du meine Freunde und Familie kennen lernst.

Warum ich dir nie die Wahrheit sage.

Kleine Witze mache, wie unwichtig du mir bist.

Warum ich dich von mir wegstoße, sooft ich nur kann.

Warum ich dich nicht in mein Herz lassen möchte!


Ich versuche mit





Ich könnte es nicht ertragen, wenn du mich verlassen würdest.


Du bist


für mich.


Ich habe solche



This is, what I wrote to HIM:

  • u know what? No! I will just say no to all of this. That was a stupid, dumb, crappy idea. I hate everything about it. I just hate it. Lets not do this anymore. I can have sex with any guy id like to. Im very good at it, actually. But you? I doesnt work. and u know it, too. dont say u didnt notice, how strange i did behave in the last time. Id like to sneek out of the house in the morning and never ever see this guy anymore. or talk shit about it. make fun about it. Pretend it never happend. Stay friends. In fact, i have many friends I had sex with. and its normal. but i cant do it with u. Every time i see u, all i wanna do is rip ur shirt of ur body and get all sexual.

  • okay, FUUCK, i didnt mean to send this to you, but now its out. and i dont know, how to delete any of this shit. whatever. Just ignore it. im drunk as hell... and i am stupid. watching all kinds of crazy girl movies, that are NOT good for me...

    okay, fuck this shit


    this is the most embarrassing thing i ever wrote to a guy, i just gonna delete your number, your facebook, your face out of my memory and move to ... anywhere, where nobody knows me


    goodbye forever


    no no no


    dont u dare


    dont write anything



  • (his answer:)Mir ist egal wie betrunken du bist. Sag mir einfach: Redest du über mich oder wolltest du das jemand anderen schicken?

    And you better awnser now.

  • no, iam soo sorry really

    this is not good

    but, the fuck? who do u think iam talking about?

    i will just go and kill myself.



            don't leave me!!! DON'T LEAVE ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!              YOU ARE BREAKING ME!

       You break me into pieces. Into little pieces!!

ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS YOU!        you will drive me crazy!

GET OUT OF MY HEAD!                                      GET INTO MY ARMS!!

                ALWAYS. YOU. ALWAYS.